Forget coffins – biodegradable burial pods are the future


(Picture: Capsula Mundi) Are burial pods the future? (Picture: Capsula Mundi)

Biodegradable burial pods are the ultimate eco-friendly statement, and could help save our planet.

In our over-populated world we all need to think of new ways to live. But what about new ways to die? Or to be more precise, new ways to be buried.

If you’re too eco-conscious for a traditional burial, but not keen on the idea of cremation, Italian company Capsula Mundi may have come up with the perfect compromise in the form of biodegradable burial pods.

(Picture: Capsula Mundi) Birth pods are a fantastic way to give back to the earth (Picture: Capsula Mundi)

Capsula Mundi’s burial pods will work like this: Your body will be placed inside the pod in the foetal position.

The pod will then be placed in the ground, like a seed, and a tree will be planted on top.

The egg-shaped pods will be made out of biodegradable…

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