Review: In The Guest, Dan Stevens Goes From Downton Abbey to Dirty, Deranged Harry


The man who calls himself David Collins (Dan Stevens) is a blond, smiling Mr. Manners. Invited to stay at the Petersons’ home after saying he was a comrade of their late soldier son Caleb, he addresses parents Spencer (Leland Orser) and Laura (Sheila Kelley) as “Sir” and “Ma’am.” Driving daughter Anna (Maika Monroe) home from a party, he insists that she “please put on your seat belt.” And at a roadside bar, he beats up some teenagers who have bullied young Luke Peterson (Brendan Meyer), then courteously gives the barman a couple of big bills, “for the damages.” David is such a gentleman that, when he feels obliged to knife one of the Petersons, he murmurs, “I’m sorry.” He’s almost the psycho killer you’d want your daughter to marry — except he’s trying to kill her too.

Part of the sick-kick fun of The Guest, a hometown horror film…

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